Monday, November 17, 2014

when i didn't wish on a falling star

I sat by the bench
in pyjamas
in front of a closed
sari-sari store
by the dusty road
no moon, few stars
in my direct horizon
dim, with one post lit
and the occasional
bright car lights
of automobile-passers-by
riders in motorbikes
some with helmets
most have not
one, two, three cars
and then there were
flashes of lighting
somewhere, in the distance
I willed myself to sit still
no soul around
air is almost nil
Suddenly a shooting star
no, a falling star
I watched it
diminish in mid air,
in the nearby dark,
serene school grounds
No wishes came
things done and gone
cannot be undone
the wish of undoing
cannot be granted,
no way.
I stirred.
Mirages formed
My wet eyes
my sinuses throbbing
clogged, in pain.
I stood up and
walked the unlit
alley back home.


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