Sunday, November 16, 2014

breaking dawn

I didn't realize it's already almost 11 at night.

I just finished the second installment of Breaking Dawn.  I saw the first the other night and,

oh, I'll skip the gushing. But really I just gushed within and wondered why I skipped watching these movies and totally shunned them.  Well, I saw the second installment of the whole saga and didn't like it primarily because Edward was so white (although yeah I know he's a vampire) and they spoke in hush hush. Except for Jacob who, I (insert: my heart skipping a beat) dig (yeah like i'm a midschooler hehe), the flick didn't appeal to me.

And now, wow, I missed a lot, I realized.  The saga is awesome, at least at this point.  Ang ganda, especially the first part of breaking dawn.  The movie is oozing with love, family, life and friendship.  By far, one of the most sensible movie I have seen this year.  Oh, forget that they're vampires and wolves.  Jacob can't be set aside of course.

Part 2 had to end with a lovely song which I somehow expected yet still surprised me.  Reminded me of a very special friend who loved the song that I had to ask the person once why.  Queerly for a man, he said he just loved it.  It just had to fill in that itsy bitsy space to totally have me smitten.

Lovely night.

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