Monday, January 20, 2014

embracing the new year

Can you believe it? It's new year, I'm back, and I'm exactly the same old me with my favorite topic in this blog - myself.

I've literally jump-started the year with few snap shots by our lovely lake. The scene to me is always grand. Never fails me.

No one is jumping off.

So have you made your new year's resolutions? I did.

  1. Forget that I ever have feast days and never do it again. Yes, self-proclaim one. Not that it's blasphemous, it's just ridiculous.
  2. Be a little less intuitive.  Instincts are a boon but when they begin to cause pain they're a bane.
  3. Stop being a frantic mom. It is not cool. I'd really try hard to pull this through up.
  4. Try something new every day. Like snorkel or sky dive - in my dreams.
  5. Travel more. Go to the supermarket, the malls, mister baby's tutorials.
  6. Initiate small talk with people, try new routes, new food/street food.
  7. Limit the squeamish; avoid judging food by its looks.
  8. Take on challenges. Haggle harder at tiangges
  9. Troubleshoot. And smartly manage the task by delegating it to the hubby.  Will save me a lot of temper.
  10. Stop making excuses. Accept the fact that the local news would constantly feature lowly life forms called politicians.
  11. Keep a diary. Just keep it.
  12. Give more.
  13. Worry less.
  14. Keep the faith.
  15. Stick with all of the above that make sense.
Well, happy new year!

I know it's picturesque. Thank you.

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