Thursday, December 12, 2013

santa can you hear me?

As I write now, I am uploading the video of mister baby's (well, he's no longer a baby but let's stick to the alias ) christmas presentation in school yesterday. Hubby who prefers to take photos always complained that my videos are shaky. Can you blame me? I giggle when I take them, and I sing along and mouth the words to my son, even if I knew he knows the lyrics. He knows the lyrics because when I fetch him at school I sneak and eavesdrop (they practice secretly apparently to surprise the parents. Well, so much for surprises..) that way I learn of the songs and I practice him at home.

So yesterday was my feast day.


The feast day of the mom whose face was stuck in mirth the whole day.

Also the feast day of the mommy who giggles and sings along and fixes his son's hair in between numbers during presentations, not to mention places him in front as unnoticeably as possible so that the camera would get a better shot of him. That last one is overdoing it I know. That's why I don't look back lest I'd see the WTF looks from other parents. But, bite me. Hey, I have an excuse - I'm going to show the video to the grannies. But everyone has that in mind, dimwit. Again, bite me.

The feast day of the frantic mom whose only anxiety-driving event that could drive her crazy faster than the speed of light is when this only son is ailing. And so on and so forth.

And last but definitely one which could win me an award - the feast day of the impatient mom.

Here's how impatient I can get.

I got so excited again I had to watch the video while uploading (as if I did not take it and as if i did not watch it twice today) that YouTube had something to say.

Bite me.

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