Sunday, November 24, 2013

strings attached

For a while there, I had an illusion that I was poetic. I'm dropping it now.  But the so-called poems may be back when I get to that interval again.  Forgive me in advance then.

Tonight, this one came through my dearest friend, Mistichtys. She happened to read my blog which I shamelessly advertised to a few precious friends, including her.

At one time I posted something about the movie Love in the Time of Cholera and talked about the book, Javier Bardem and Serendipity too.  I have saved a copy of Serendipity and saw the flick again after that.  Now I have the book to read.  I think I'm now in some string of Love-in-the-Time events which shall henceforth go forward from here. Like next time it would be Javier Bardem showing himself to me in person!

In the meantime, I typed in "Javier Bardem 2013" in Google.

And I got this.


Not so bad. Not so bad..

Oh. But this is Channing Tatum.
I know.  But his photo came up in the search.
Can't blame me.

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