Saturday, November 23, 2013

a thief in the daylight

The flying speed woke me up
I was home
There was no crisp air to breath
Just that familiar stench
Abhorrent yet to me
Like his masterpiece to a chef.

I alighted the vehicle
Paranoia strikes in
Brain working, heavily
Adversarial, warily
But this is me
Like a thief in the daylight.

I took a cab
The dawn of day
My back straight
But not against the seat
But it fit
Like a woman to her shoe.

I slept
Cuddling the oddity
Made love to the dream
That had long time consumed me
Like a paramour to her lover.

written in Nov. 10, 2010
photo taken on Oct. 2013
S.J. City, M.M. Phl.

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