Thursday, December 12, 2013

santa can you hear me?

As I write now, I am uploading the video of mister baby's (well, he's no longer a baby but let's stick to the alias ) christmas presentation in school yesterday. Hubby who prefers to take photos always complained that my videos are shaky. Can you blame me? I giggle when I take them, and I sing along and mouth the words to my son, even if I knew he knows the lyrics. He knows the lyrics because when I fetch him at school I sneak and eavesdrop (they practice secretly apparently to surprise the parents. Well, so much for surprises..) that way I learn of the songs and I practice him at home.

So yesterday was my feast day.


The feast day of the mom whose face was stuck in mirth the whole day.

Also the feast day of the mommy who giggles and sings along and fixes his son's hair in between numbers during presentations, not to mention places him in front as unnoticeably as possible so that the camera would get a better shot of him. That last one is overdoing it I know. That's why I don't look back lest I'd see the WTF looks from other parents. But, bite me. Hey, I have an excuse - I'm going to show the video to the grannies. But everyone has that in mind, dimwit. Again, bite me.

The feast day of the frantic mom whose only anxiety-driving event that could drive her crazy faster than the speed of light is when this only son is ailing. And so on and so forth.

And last but definitely one which could win me an award - the feast day of the impatient mom.

Here's how impatient I can get.

I got so excited again I had to watch the video while uploading (as if I did not take it and as if i did not watch it twice today) that YouTube had something to say.

Bite me.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I can see moms at 0.28 express their nods of acquiescence..
women, all through, empowered.
men, most of 'em, recalcitrant.

(It is the ad I love, not the product.  That is as I speak now. We never know.)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

strings attached

For a while there, I had an illusion that I was poetic. I'm dropping it now.  But the so-called poems may be back when I get to that interval again.  Forgive me in advance then.

Tonight, this one came through my dearest friend, Mistichtys. She happened to read my blog which I shamelessly advertised to a few precious friends, including her.

At one time I posted something about the movie Love in the Time of Cholera and talked about the book, Javier Bardem and Serendipity too.  I have saved a copy of Serendipity and saw the flick again after that.  Now I have the book to read.  I think I'm now in some string of Love-in-the-Time events which shall henceforth go forward from here. Like next time it would be Javier Bardem showing himself to me in person!

In the meantime, I typed in "Javier Bardem 2013" in Google.

And I got this.


Not so bad. Not so bad..

Oh. But this is Channing Tatum.
I know.  But his photo came up in the search.
Can't blame me.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

a thief in the daylight

The flying speed woke me up
I was home
There was no crisp air to breath
Just that familiar stench
Abhorrent yet to me
Like his masterpiece to a chef.

I alighted the vehicle
Paranoia strikes in
Brain working, heavily
Adversarial, warily
But this is me
Like a thief in the daylight.

I took a cab
The dawn of day
My back straight
But not against the seat
But it fit
Like a woman to her shoe.

I slept
Cuddling the oddity
Made love to the dream
That had long time consumed me
Like a paramour to her lover.

written in Nov. 10, 2010
photo taken on Oct. 2013
S.J. City, M.M. Phl.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

dear april

Why are you so perfect?
Are you even capable of failing me?
You beguile me.
You amaze me.
You bring me to my feet,
And then you carry me.
How do i react?
You are exquisite
You deny me of how a
Response be exact.
Will loving you back be ever enough?


A rainbow after the storm.
No matter how hard things can get, they shall pass.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

burj means tower

I have just spoken to my brother over at Skype.  Said he's going to Burj Khalifa.  In Dubai.  And I was reminded how I used to gape at that structure, soon to rise, raw, proud even though unfinished.  I once went right at the site with all the men working amid the sun and humidity of the Dubai desert.  And I thought, wow, I was gonna be part of history. The world's tallest tower in the making.  

The completion of the tower happened but me being part of it, did not.  When it was opened to the world on January 4, 2010, I was among the many who had to see it only on TV.  That was it. On TV. 

You know, I haven't been to so many parts of the world.  I was lucky enough to have been gone to at least two foreign countries. So when I was there I always made sure that I would have beautiful and unforgettable stories and memories with me when I go back home.

I had my fill of fun in Dubai.  I have met beautiful people, beautiful inside and out. I have taken peeks of the marian faces but their hair and body are concealed in black niqábs and abayas. I have seen and worked with people who I thought were geniuses.  Totally new, refreshing and enlightening experiences.  There were many times that I was humbled by the nature of the jobs that others were willing to take, toiling beyond the heat and sandstorms.  And even with all those sights and encounter, I knew I hardly experienced a bit portion of the world and there's no bit reason too to be loud about it. It just made me long for more.

I  have worked in a realty company.  There were a mixture of different nationalities, men and women with beautiful names.  Some them were my first time to hear such as Shakil, Ayisha, Prakash, Jomon, and so on that as I speak their names now, I'm reminded of how awesome these people were, each having their unique cultural peculiarities just like how I was to them.  They themselves were a lot of learning to me.

Like this one cab driver I have met on my way to a job interview. Traffic was bad. The driver took another route, a free lane, taking extra miles. I thought I was just fine until I glanced at the meter.  I suddenly felt sweat on my temples. The meter was going as fast as the cab was running. I don't have enough for the bill.  

I had to tell the driver "My friend, are we still far from the place?  I can only take up to 25 (in dirhams).You can drop me off to the nearest bus stop.." He had beard and mustache all over his face. I started worrying about the searing heat outside, my getup being ruined, being late and most importantly, being lost (I had not the faintest idea where he was taking me).  I felt my tears inside in upheaval. The man just looked at me, and then he turned the meter off and we kept going. I fought the panic starting to win over me. Cool it! I yelled inside.

Five minutes later I was in front of an office. I looked at him, he gave me a reassuring look and smiled. 

When I alighted the cab my heart was heavy with thanks.

I got the job the same day and felt so grateful.

The same job brought me to Burj Khalifa, earlier called Burj Dubai, unfinished, unyielding but mightily beautiful.