Sunday, October 3, 2010

love in the time of cholera

Do you remember this?

I knew there's a novel and a movie for this.  Randomly, I was searching for a flick or a movie and I picked this one.  It's about time that I just stop hearing about it.  But at the back of mind, the title has a ring to it but I can't remember what it is.  So I watched it and at first it looked cute but at the half part of it, Florentino, the love interest of Fermina, stopped being handsome and cute.  He became Javier Bardem who looked hotter in the pic I googled just now than he was in the movie.  In the movie, he looked like the guy who does not take a bath!

Young Florentino
Older Florentino
Anyway, the love story was eternal.

Still, something remains unsolved in my mind.  And then while I was taking a shower, I thought of Florentino and the availability of shower in his place, I suddenly remembered!

Serendipity!  Yes, the movie.  The book "Love in the Time of Cholera" was the book where Sara (Kate Beckinsale) wrote her number and sold to a bookstore in her quest for love, fate and destiny.

That's it.


Now I'm going to see Serendipity again..

*Google images


janjan said...

saw serendipity. it's one story i couldn't forget. and i've yet to read Love in the Time of Cholera. saw a copy of that at fullybook and i must say it's a good read.

Alexandra Crocodile said...

100 years of solitude is on my list, and if I like it I'll definitely give Love in the time... a try! Or just watch the movie:)

i'm no miss said...

@janjan and Alex- I have not read the book either..but i guess the movie is the easiest way to it haha!

bobby said...

if you take photos by googling, don't thank google. At least mention the right owners by name and link to the source, where you took the photo. and on your sidebar below affiliates you link to your own blog 6 times. that's totally silly, it won't make your blog easier to find by google, google is smarter than that.

enjoy blogging.


i'm no miss said...

Firstly, I just changed to this template last night. A classic template, to which google does not offer much options as to editing. So google isn't as smart, on this particular point. That's why it's pretty effed up as you have noticed. I admire fact that you clicked on every single "link" when they don't look finished yet because if they were I should have at least renamed them, right?..

Second, the linking to the photos, I'm guilty of that sometimes. But if you have noticed those are all from the movies, screenshots, so pretty much I'm not infringing any copyright here. And notice one where I linked the photo, because it's not totally mine..=)

Thirdly, thanks for taking time.

Enjoy blogging too!

Gnetch said...

Hahaha. I see you got an a*hole as well over here. I think he should have tried to read your content instead of just looking for something to criticize. The fuck is wrong with these people? (Ooops... Am I allowed to say F on here? :))

Anyway, I have seen Serendipity. Though this is the first time if heard of Time of Cholera. I blame my schedule.

I always do but.. you know?!

i'm no miss said...

@Gnetch - Precisely, the point. I'm not even through my excitement over this awesome (for me) template and here somebody is like spoiling it already haha! But this one is classic temp, all my previous widgets are gone, and well, htmls su$%!

The F word, of course you could. I say it all the time but only in my head lol

Anonymous said...

Hmmm you made me want to watch Serendipity again too! Wow! You got a sharp memory!

sEy said...

Upon the seeing the picture of the book, I remembered Serendipity. Can you imagine a Love story like that...WOW!!! so wonderful. Now, I have to run some errand and find that book.

i'm no miss said...

@Mitch - I'm keeping a copy of that movie for good..:)
@Sey - I'd give it a try too, the book..if time permits haha!

Tiffany said...

i saw "love in the time of cholera" shamely before i ever attempted to read the book....but i really liked it! ugh! i'm such a sucker for period drama :P i'm planning my annual "bbc pride&prejudice" session!!

Emily Jane said...

I've NEVER seen Serendipity! I think I'll add it to my to-dos this weekend. Goodness knows I'll be curled up at home on Sunday anyway after a Halloween party Sat. night, I think a movie is just the ticket :)


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