Thursday, September 16, 2010

When you think I don't notice at all


“Arrgh, do you put sugar at all?,” me with puckered brow, smirked. 

He grinned back. 

“That’s my coffee,” he said. 

He makes his coffee dark, almost no sugar at all. My coffee would be in the neutral side, not light, not dark, little sugar. 

Next morning, 
"Hmm,  nice. Ain’t this sweet for you?” me, quizzical, looked at him. His coffee which isn’t bitter, in my hand.

“I know. But didn’t you say you would share my coffee earlier?,” he answered.

Oh.. Yes, I did.

Ripe Banana Fritters

“What will we have for merienda?” “Hmm, okay sinapot this time.” Me and him talking.

Moments later, Nay Loling came with the sinapot or banana fritters from the mini market buransan. 

“Hmm, she bought the right kind,” me, in between nibbles said, satisfied with the fried ripe bananas dipped in flour. 

“Yes, because I told her to buy exactly what kind. Ripe ones” he said. 

I beamed, “Thank you.”

I don’t prefer *manibalang for sinapotI know he eats whichever, ripe or manibalang. 

*Manibalang refers to the ripeness of a fruit. It means not so ripe.


After a year, I decided to change hairdo. 

“All right let’s do it, and be done with it.,” he insisted, at the salon in the mall, after I was having second thoughts. 

“An hour,” the lady at the counter replied, when he asked how long it’d take. 

“I’ll stroll around while waiting.” He left. 

Hair cut, hair treatment hocus pocus.. It was definitely more than an hour already. 

I checked on him at the couch. He was reading magazines, with few items on his hand. One, bought from a bookstore, the other one from ACE hardware. 

The lady who’s doing my hair was so into impressing me. But it was taking extra long, she was beginning to do the opposite. Finally, it was done. He was impressed. I was impressed. Worth the wait.

At home, while I was wondering where he’d been to wilst I was enjoying the hair pampering, he handed me an umbrella. I just remembered, we were supposed to buy one. 

It was for my use. He bought it at ACE Hardware. 

He wrote my name on it.


Gnetch said...

Aw, he is so sweet!!! :)

janjan said...

oh my that's sweet...wish i could find someone like him. ooopppssss!!! hahahhaa

Jayne said...

Love the line about the hairdresser taking so long she was beginning to do the opposite of impressing you. Ripe banana fritters sound lovely!

Ratz said...

Awwww... you got a cutie there An...

sEy said...

So sweet of him! be glad you got one of the extinct good and sweet men.

Alexandra Crocodile said...

That is SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Jan and i thought the same thing.

Coffee and banana fritters? Love it!

i'm no miss said...

Everyone - thanks, thanks a bunch! I don't even know if he had read this post..hope not, I don't want him to be conscious about it..(=
To janjan and mitch - Oh, I'm sure they'll soon find you:)