Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big Word Bourgeoisie

I went to a state university and I’m more than glad that I did.

The university I went to did not teach me anything of theory that I can particularly remember right now. Instead I learned some basic life instincts.

The separation from my family taught me to be independent.

I learned that street smart does not only mean looking smart in the streets.  It means holding your bag firmly and not making unnecessary attention towards any of your valuables.

I learned that the odds were not so far when at the very corner of the National Bureau of Investigation office, a mugging succeeded in stark daylight.  A man was dead, the police wounded.

I rallied on the streets.  And though sometimes, I could feel my heart pounding for the advocacy of the protest leaders, most of the time I joined because I wanted to miss classes too.  It was a worthy excuse.

I went with the flock of people with bands tied around their heads and streamers and fists raised in the air. I walked under the searing heat and shared their sweats.  But I taxied on my way back home.  I learned that life can be easy like that after some self-imposed hardships.

I haggled for my education.  Unnecessary, but I did.  I told them I was fatherless, left at a very young age, and so on and so forth. I wrote them every month so that they would not dare take me out of that LIST that seemed to  be the lifeline of my education.  So I learned that education is a right, not a privilege.  But I see that it does not seem so.
During this process, I learned that there are some seemingly monsters who queerly sat for  government positions but obviously hated it.  And I see that until now they still exist and probably will forever.

But there are those who seem  to be the light of day.  That woman, her face still etched in my mind, and her smile could only afford so much to appease me when my papers and tuition just won't fit.
I learned of the inverted triangle that my professor had so much pleasure of teaching, that if it were a song I’d be LSS-ing on it until now.  He spoke of the socialists, those great minds behind it and my pea-sized brain could only take so much serving. My thoughts now: it is absurd and hypocrisy that it’d be ever possible these times.

So ask me now, what are the principles of international law.  I could only give a vague answer in between stutters and my bleeding brains.  Ask me about the wars and I would answer, Go ask the marines.  

For my faint memory of the world’s dates and whats had long been taken away by my own qualms.  They will linger in the air, but not anymore for my grasp.  

Or maybe still, but only the air could tell.

In college, I wrote about the French Revolution.  But ask me now, I shall tell you, Google it!

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sEy said...

I went to a state college too and if only my stares could kill private and elite students who always make fun of us then i'm probably in jail right now.

But now, I'm glad that I did, I could definitely say that I learned a lot going to that school and most especially it taught me that life could be awesome which is up to us to make it awesome.

Ratz said...

I agree with you An. I dont know how much does a college teach you about the subject but it does make you the person you eventually have to become.. my college life was the key to my being. It is an important part of my life something that i cannot afford to forget. as far as the lessons, i am not much sure that i remember them!

Gnetch said...

I could say that I have experienced a lot during college. Though I didn't move out of our house no matter how much I wanted to. But I agree, in college, you'll learn to be street smart, which is something teachers can never teach us. :)

janjan said...

one of the fondest memories I had was during my college days. I have learned so much from it and I discovered a lot about myself.

i'm no miss said...

yhellow ladies! Thank you for sharing your days, the best in substance! One thing though, I wish I had a boyfriend then, HAHA! At a latter thought, hmm..:))

Anonymous said...

College days! One thing i never got to experience.

Hmmm, but back in highschool i used to love History. Ask me now, i will answer the same as you did! Google it! Hahaha!

Tiffany said...

i have to agree college teaches you more than just the courses you take! at least from my side of the story too.
and a reference to google isn't so bad...:P

KleinsteMotte said...

College part time while working full time and raising a challenged son leaves very different memories. The srugglew as worth it.