Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're invited to my party and please pick up your awards

It is my birthday today. Balloons fly up the sky, firecrackers pop, confetti falls from the sky.

Although not exactly in my list but this shiny, squeaky, crisp lappy certainly made my birthday.  I'm letting the shoes go in the meantime. It's so timely to rescue the ailing old one I use. Thanks to my brother.  He is the best and  I love him so much.  So if there's a wish I have today on my birthday, it's that he may find strength and still, love.  His long-time gf and him aren't okay.. Loong story..

Anyway, it's my birthday, so this post will be all colorful and happy vibes.  And I thought this is the best time to give out awards too. So if you are reading this now, grab one or two, or all!:)  You deserve by being here at my party.

My thank yous go first to the blog friends who gave me these awards.  This set is special because they all came after I've been absent for sometime, and I am honoring these memes this way.

Thanks Tasha at random musings

Thanks Tasha at random musings

Thanks Mitch at Upside Down!

Ooops! The links to their blogs are shiny blue.  Feel free to visit any, or all of them.

Happy day!


anastasia b said...

happy birthday!

xo anastasia b

Anonymous said...

Hey Antonia! Happy happy birthday! That shiny black thing is definitely the best give ever. Hmmm, your brother is a generous giver.

You didn't wish for yourself so let us do the wishing for you. I wish you long life so you will continue feel the love of your family and friends and of course be able to share it to others.

Happy birthday again love yah!

Ratz said...

Hey An.... Happy birthday to you... :-) Hope you hv one of the best birthdays ever.... and the same goes for the next and the next.. :-D


Rachel Cotterill said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day.

Tasha said...

happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your day was fab!!! =)

i'm no miss said...

To everyone- Thank you guys for stopping by. I had one of my happiest. My brother was here with us to celebrate. He's been away for two years. No special anything but I had a blast with all the love!

Please don't forget your awards.:)

janjan said...

Haaaaapppyyyy Birthday!!! now i know why you said August is special for you too! and i envy the lappy. been contemplating on buying a new one but thought it would be better if someone gives it to me as a present hahahhaa!

Gnetch said...

Happy belated birthday!!! And congrats on the awards. :)

P.S. Wanna know what my CAPTCHA for this comment is? Dishes. That's right! Dishes. Hahaha.

The Empress said...

Happy Birthday! I'm off to see these blogs.

ha, the captcha is Poodoo.

Emily Jane said...

Happy birthday!! <3

sEy said...

Belated Happy was too late...sorry!