Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girls of Riyadh

Originally released in Arabic in 2005, Girls of Riyadh was immediately banned in Saudi Arabia due to controversial and inflammatory content. Black-market copies of the novel circulated and Girls of Riyadh has been a bestseller across much of the Middle East. As of January 2008, English copies of Girls of Riyadh are openly available at major bookstores in Saudi Arabia. The book, published by Penguin Books, is available in the English translation, but has some changes due to difficulties of re-creating the effect of using different dialects of Arabic.

The novel describes the relationship between men and women in the conservative Saudi-Arabian Islamic culture. Girls of Riyadh tells the story of four college-age high class friends in Saudi Arabia, girls looking for love but stymied by a system that allows them only limited freedoms and has very specific expectations and demands. There's little contact between men and women -- especially single teens and adults -- but modern technology has changed that a bit (leading to young men trying everything to get women to take down their cellphone numbers). The Internet is also a new medium that can't contain women and their thoughts like the old system could, and the anonymous narrator of the novel takes advantage of that: she presents her stories in the form of e-mails that she sends out weekly to any Saudi address she can find. Sex is described in this novel, and how men ignore women if they give themselves up before marriage.
Source: Wikipedia

I couldn't leave Dubai then without this book.  Apparently, the copies were sold out in the city bookstores or...  So when hub and I found a copy at the airport's Duty Free, I had one for myself like an excited little girl.  And when it comes to reading a book I knew I wanted, there's just no time to waste. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're invited to my party and please pick up your awards

It is my birthday today. Balloons fly up the sky, firecrackers pop, confetti falls from the sky.

Although not exactly in my list but this shiny, squeaky, crisp lappy certainly made my birthday.  I'm letting the shoes go in the meantime. It's so timely to rescue the ailing old one I use. Thanks to my brother.  He is the best and  I love him so much.  So if there's a wish I have today on my birthday, it's that he may find strength and still, love.  His long-time gf and him aren't okay.. Loong story..

Anyway, it's my birthday, so this post will be all colorful and happy vibes.  And I thought this is the best time to give out awards too. So if you are reading this now, grab one or two, or all!:)  You deserve by being here at my party.

My thank yous go first to the blog friends who gave me these awards.  This set is special because they all came after I've been absent for sometime, and I am honoring these memes this way.

Thanks Tasha at random musings

Thanks Tasha at random musings

Thanks Mitch at Upside Down!

Ooops! The links to their blogs are shiny blue.  Feel free to visit any, or all of them.

Happy day!