Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sex and the City2

Sex and  the City the movie's 2nd installment is yet to be seen by me..I don't know why I'm late.  Or, it's the cinema here which is late. Hmm.  Anyway the trailer was such a temptation.  And there was definitely a part of the flick that's sure gotten my attention.  I know you'd know what I'm talking about once you see the photos below.  Barely 2 years ago or so.. :)

Ahh, I miss the cool desert breeze in November.

Hubby trying on the keftiyeh
and the dress for Muslim men

Happy weekend girls!


Gnetch said...

I think I should go watch that movie now.

Wait. Am I the only one who hasn't seen it???

Daniel said...
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Ratz said...

Hey we have you own version of SATC 2.... sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Where's that place? Hmmm, you definitely got your own scene from SATC2 hahaha!

And i like that you're getting out of your shell a little by little. Talking about showing your face on your blog hehehe. Love that, it made know you more. :D

Emily Jane said...

I was kind of disappointed with the movie... it was GORGEOUS and now I want to go to Abu Dhabi but it was kind of cheesy overall :(

i'm no miss said...

@ Gnetch - Go and see it. I haven't seen it in full either:)

@Ratz - Not exactly.. lol

@Mitch - It's in UAE, forgot the arabic name..

I guess I have show my face more for you sistah :P

@Emily - Aw. Now I'm thinking..should I still watch it..? Actually, I love Miranda, and the other two girls. Not so much with Carrie..

Abu Dhabi is a great place, and a rich one.

janjan said...

i haven't seen that movie too...and i haven't been to a dessert arrghhh! poor me.

i'm no miss said...
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i'm no miss said...

@jan - Go watch and have a review. I love reading your movie reviews.

A desert is not exactly a must-go place anyway, so it's okay dearie..

KleinsteMotte said...

Hey a camel ride looks like fun! hijabs are worn by ladies. the head dress for men has a different name, one being keftiyeh.Do you have any links to previous posts of your Abu Dabi travels? Thanks for stopping by.

i'm no miss said...

@KleinsteMotte - Hi! I was really having doubt with the name of the covering, even if I already googled it. Guess, I didn't research enough haha! Thanks for the correction. I guess I have to correct it to be fair with the Muslim men..

As to the links, nope. But I'll try to post more of them. :)