Friday, July 23, 2010

Bits of notes by me..

Written in my cellphone.

10.22 AM

I have never been as brokenhearted as I am now.  I feel totally defenseless. But for you my angel, I will never have my hands held up, not until I lose my last breath..

(When mister baby won't take any milk because he had allergies with them..He was 6months old..I barely had eaten and slept too..It lasted for almost a month..)

10.20 AM

Today is another recognition day.  I recognize that there's no better place than where your love is.  That today, tomorrow, I'd always be grateful I have you..

(Well, when hub reminds me by his ways why I love him..Cheesy..Alright.)

3.12 AM

I watch your breathing.  Both of you. 

I'm marvelled.

I am awed..

I am home.

(Watching my 1month old son and his daddy sleeping)

10.24 PM

I lulled you to sleep.  And now as I'm watching you, I thought..
Can I wake you up and kiss you, and touch you, talk to you, play with you, nurse you, comfort you, lull you to sleep?..

(After I got mister baby to sleep, which was relatively wearying during those times, I must admit..He was 2 months old)

10.23 PM

I feel that I'd like to be a superwoman.  If I could just fast forward time and be at the moment where I want to be, to savor it finally.  Be fulfilled, to an empowering discovery unique to every woman.  I feel and I believe I am made for it.

(Alone in my bed, anticipating for the birth of my baby..He was 8 months old in my belly..)


Ratz said...

Really beautifully An... AH! the first bit is so emotional... it must have been so hard on you.... i hope that the things are alright now... Love you... xoxoxo

i'm no miss said...

Aw thank youu Ratz! You know I always see me as sturdy as hardwood, whatever problems, I'd take on. But that one tested me to the limits. And God was so kind. He's always is:)

He's totally okay. They say that's quite normal but seeing my baby then, throwing up his milk everytime, was farthest from what I think is normal..

Here I go again..OA..

Haha! This looks like an extension of my post! Love you too sis!

Emily Jane said...

This was really lovely - thank you for sharing :)

i'm no miss said...

Thank you Em.. When it's spontaneous, it's beautiful.. (most of the time) :)

Gnetch said...

Aww... This is so beautiful!!! I wish I'd be as strong as you when (or if) I become a mom. ;)

i'm no miss said...

Thank you Gnetch. You know you will be. I didn't know that til I became one.

I bet your baby will be as bright, brainy and awesome as you! :D

janjan said...

I'd say these are short, simple yet beautifully said. I can feel the emotion within. you're such an awesome mom. :)

i'm no miss said...

Thank you Jan..xo