Saturday, July 17, 2010

Almost obsolete for posting..but

Yesterday, I sat elbow to elbow with the girls, and we watched drooled over the characters I thought were supposed to be for middle-school and high school girls only. We had popcorns each on hand, our fingers yellow with the cheese dustings and we munched our way through the movie. And I had to run my way to the wash room like a little girl who’d miss her ice cream frozen when she comes back.

Anyway, I have to make this straight. I was not a fan of Twilight Saga. Nope.

Edward is so white. His eyes are weird. He looks like a vampire.
Oh, he IS a vampire. Okay.

They speak in low monotone, I can steal a quick nap.
And ohh.. just a typical flick where girl-loves-boy only that boy is a vampire.
And lastly I have very little patience for sequels. The element of surprise in them, for me, is dispensable.

But I watched this recent one.

And oh boy!

Here’s why.

1. The masculinity of Jacob, the subtlety of Edward and the allure of Bella were on the mark.
2. My friend, Pau, supplied the info I missed in the earlier 2 sequels.
3. I think if it weren’t for Jacob, I wouldn’t have liked it much.  His character blew me away. (Not so much for the good built, but okay it did count like 90% Haha! Just kidding..)
4. Well, he’s THE character that kept it rolling for the two protagonists. Bella and Edward.
5. His lines were classic. And at this age, no one uses classic much in language anymore. So he made it all refreshing.
6. And if every man treats his lady like he does, all men wouldn’t be single. (Women are greater in number right?)
7. And he’s good looking. No? Okay. He’s hot.

Don’t think I was shrieking like a school girl. That would be dang inappropriate. I just had a smile on my face the whole time, my face hurt.

Thank God for girlfriends!

(This is actually a repost.  I wrote this on my FB account. This is what happens when I couldn't come up with something to post, in a snap.)


KleinsteMotte said...

Why are there so few comments? They already did it on FBK??? Not a fan of that movie. Girlfriends yup.

i'm no miss said...

Hey,..maybe?! And because the review and the movie are both obsolete..? But I just wanted to share this.

Anyway, I hope they come soon.

Thank you for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

I hope now you understand why am i so into twilight hahaha! Don't be surprised if i told you i've read all the books already (yeah i have the four books. Though the movie did not give a 100% justice to the book, i still love it because it became more alive in my mind.

Can't wait for Breaking Dawn.

Now i miss my girlfriends.

Gnetch said...

So far, I've only seen the first two movies and I've never read the book. I can't say I'm a fan though I'm not a hater either.

Wait.. Yeah... What am I then? :D

i'm no miss said...

@Mitch - I guess stories/movies are always better in books. There were several books I've read that are way better than they were when shown in the movies.

Probably, the addiction to twilight stems from the beauty of it in the books..I wouldn't wonder..

I will watch the next installment. For sure. And I hope Edward and Bella don't get wed yet..NO.. :D Thanks girlfriend!

i'm no miss said...

@Gnetch - Mmm, a cool badass asian?.. That's it.:)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! They will get wed on the next installment and that's what i am exciting about because they will have a baby.

i'm no miss said...

@Mitch -You're such a killjoy mitch! ihaychu!

Okay. I won't have to fret about that. Because I guess, Jacob found me and..Haha! Right. I know I'M MARRIED!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh did i just type "exciting about"? hahaha! keypad error sorry!

Hahaha! Well i am really trying hard not to spill everything.

Oh come on, it's still legal to drool over Jacob hahaha!

janjan said...

Ah twilight saga.... I must agree that Jacobs character is very important in the movie. He's the spice and Bella's a bitch. Yah I know I shouldn't have said that but her being clingy at Jacob really freaks me.
And breaking dawn is a must to watch. They have divided the movie into two parts... Maybe the first part was when Bella gave birth and the second was when she became a vampire. Awwwwwww...did I just spoil it for you?ahahahaha! sorry..can't help it.

Anonymous said...

@Janjan...Bella will understand in the next installment why she couldn't let Jacob go. It's because he will become a part of her family.

Ooops...sorry Antonia! Me and my big mouth hahaha!

i'm no miss said...

Ohh. Thank you girls for having THAT conversation over here.. Bitches! I think I need Gnetch..

Yah Jan, of the 3 parts, this was the only one I saw, so I don't really care about Bella.Haha! But it's her who made Jacob more Jacob. So okay credit goes to her.

And Mitch, next time I'll read the next next book for twilight even before it goes to circulation and I'll sure invite you for a veeerrry nice story-telling!


Ratz said...

Not a big fan of Twilight... Na Na Na.... I hate Bella... Edward is too white.... and sometimes so unpredictable... I dont like it... Mr Jacob can be considered... lemme see the movie... till then...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Please don't tell Gnetchy i still have to many plans in life. Don't want to be in that torture chamber...please!!!

i'm no miss said...

@Ratz - I think you can give it a chance, I mean watch it. But in case you like it Ratz, pretend to the two girls above you didn't like it. And you are so not watching the next ones..!lol

@Mitch - BwaHahaha! (evil laugh)