Monday, July 26, 2010

As I promised, I'm sharing these.

Humbly, hands sewed these..

I use recycle papers for tracing/guide.

Mister Baby's pillows and their brand new cases by mommy :)

Halter Top


Cut the sleeves and a bit portion at the bottom for the ribbon.


I got the tutorial for the halter top here.


And the antique workstation..


Semi-electric because of that little black pedal

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bits of notes by me..

Written in my cellphone.

10.22 AM

I have never been as brokenhearted as I am now.  I feel totally defenseless. But for you my angel, I will never have my hands held up, not until I lose my last breath..

(When mister baby won't take any milk because he had allergies with them..He was 6months old..I barely had eaten and slept too..It lasted for almost a month..)

10.20 AM

Today is another recognition day.  I recognize that there's no better place than where your love is.  That today, tomorrow, I'd always be grateful I have you..

(Well, when hub reminds me by his ways why I love him..Cheesy..Alright.)

3.12 AM

I watch your breathing.  Both of you. 

I'm marvelled.

I am awed..

I am home.

(Watching my 1month old son and his daddy sleeping)

10.24 PM

I lulled you to sleep.  And now as I'm watching you, I thought..
Can I wake you up and kiss you, and touch you, talk to you, play with you, nurse you, comfort you, lull you to sleep?..

(After I got mister baby to sleep, which was relatively wearying during those times, I must admit..He was 2 months old)

10.23 PM

I feel that I'd like to be a superwoman.  If I could just fast forward time and be at the moment where I want to be, to savor it finally.  Be fulfilled, to an empowering discovery unique to every woman.  I feel and I believe I am made for it.

(Alone in my bed, anticipating for the birth of my baby..He was 8 months old in my belly..)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can I do a somersault?

This morning mister baby came home with his daddy from the grannies.  They've been out for like 2 nights and 3 days.  So I was home alone, only with my books and lappy around.  That explains why I've been a little active in the blogosphere.

I thought I was okay.  And so I was.  Until last night, hubby insisted on having a chat over on Skype.  Said mister baby wants to see me. Know that my baby is barely 2 years old and I wondered how he could have communicated that to him.. So I told him Nah.  I would just wait for the morning since they'd be home already then anyway.

He was insistent.

I was insistent. No, I did not want to.

While we were exchanging with the to chat or not to chat coversation over FB, I realized how I missed my son.


I felt my throat aching with tears.  It felt like the size of a fist.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Who wouldn't not miss this angel?

I didn't want to see him on Skype because I knew I would ruin the fun that's there's suppose to be in it.

I didn't want to see him on Skype because I didn't want him to feel weird that his mom was crying so oddly, while smiling and all.

I didn't want to see him on Skype because I would want to hold him, cuddle, kiss him and I knew I couldn't.

So I didn't.

I woke up today as early as the sun. Excited.

When they arrived, I took him from his dad and held him.
And then, he held me too like he would normally do.
But I was wrong.

It was already a good 5 minutes, and he was still clinging tightly to me.  His little arms wrapped around my neck.  And his face burrowed on my shoulders. 

This was the part when I said Can I do a somersault?

Hub asked me why I had my eyes swollen.
I just smiled at him.  He knew from the way I held mister baby the answer.

And it was teasing time, big time!

P.S. No, I cannot do a somersault..:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Almost obsolete for posting..but

Yesterday, I sat elbow to elbow with the girls, and we watched drooled over the characters I thought were supposed to be for middle-school and high school girls only. We had popcorns each on hand, our fingers yellow with the cheese dustings and we munched our way through the movie. And I had to run my way to the wash room like a little girl who’d miss her ice cream frozen when she comes back.

Anyway, I have to make this straight. I was not a fan of Twilight Saga. Nope.

Edward is so white. His eyes are weird. He looks like a vampire.
Oh, he IS a vampire. Okay.

They speak in low monotone, I can steal a quick nap.
And ohh.. just a typical flick where girl-loves-boy only that boy is a vampire.
And lastly I have very little patience for sequels. The element of surprise in them, for me, is dispensable.

But I watched this recent one.

And oh boy!

Here’s why.

1. The masculinity of Jacob, the subtlety of Edward and the allure of Bella were on the mark.
2. My friend, Pau, supplied the info I missed in the earlier 2 sequels.
3. I think if it weren’t for Jacob, I wouldn’t have liked it much.  His character blew me away. (Not so much for the good built, but okay it did count like 90% Haha! Just kidding..)
4. Well, he’s THE character that kept it rolling for the two protagonists. Bella and Edward.
5. His lines were classic. And at this age, no one uses classic much in language anymore. So he made it all refreshing.
6. And if every man treats his lady like he does, all men wouldn’t be single. (Women are greater in number right?)
7. And he’s good looking. No? Okay. He’s hot.

Don’t think I was shrieking like a school girl. That would be dang inappropriate. I just had a smile on my face the whole time, my face hurt.

Thank God for girlfriends!

(This is actually a repost.  I wrote this on my FB account. This is what happens when I couldn't come up with something to post, in a snap.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sex and the City2

Sex and  the City the movie's 2nd installment is yet to be seen by me..I don't know why I'm late.  Or, it's the cinema here which is late. Hmm.  Anyway the trailer was such a temptation.  And there was definitely a part of the flick that's sure gotten my attention.  I know you'd know what I'm talking about once you see the photos below.  Barely 2 years ago or so.. :)

Ahh, I miss the cool desert breeze in November.

Hubby trying on the keftiyeh
and the dress for Muslim men

Happy weekend girls!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy yet getting fat..Uggh! (Updated)

I'm back.  Well, unofficially. And I hope you noticed I've been MIA for a while. You didn't? Ohh.

Anyway, I've been out for tons of things that kept me away from the blogosphere and I missed this side of the universe.

And I noticed that most of my posts were on awards, memes and etc. And that's not exactly why I blog.  There's more than that.  And you guys, most of you, are doing just what I have wanted to when I started blogging.  I just have a lot of excuses.

Nonetheless, I haven't been idle outside the blog world.

I did my sewing project. I'll share the photos later.
I enrolled and am currently reading books that some of you would probably find boring to read.
And mister baby learns how to ride the carousel on his own and so many lovely developments that I could watch him all day and just listen to his baby talk.
The husband and I are getting heavy/fat. This one is devastating.  But this means that we're happy getting fat together. (I still don't like the sound of it.)

This is all for now..I just wanted to say hi actually.

And oh, check out my side bar and there's a little floater there that you'd find interesting. Something about a badass asian. Go check out! She's not so evil.


I wanna thank Janjan over at between me and my thoughts for this lovely thought.. Thank you blog friend! Don't forget to check her out too!