Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm going crafty!

I'm looking forward to being crafty sometime soon! I don't know how I'm gonna insert that to my already packed sched. But as of yesterday, I took my second step towards there by buying the stuff you see at the left. Couldn't believe they were really cheap! They all cost not more than 50 bucks (Php).I was done with the first step and that was checking on the old Singer sewing machine back at my mom's. It was unbelieavably massive it will take 2 or more physically apt men to carry it up here.
Anyways, my first project will be cutting up my jeans shorter and making baby pillow cases for mister baby. Wish me luck! I'll promise I'll share how creative I'd become, even if no one would care. Haha!

I'm overly excited, in case that's not obvious. But don't get carried away. I doubt I'd be half-impressive. First of all, I will start from negative zero step to know about machine sewing. Second, my machine is as old as my grandma so it has some issues like tension adjustment. I'm guessing that's supposed to adjust the stitches because the thing currently just does one type - the straight stitch. That's enough to go forward, right?

Oh, a pair of scissors too.
And some fabric.
And more thread.

*Photo credit of the treadle machine goes to owner. Mine is exactly like that one.