Saturday, May 22, 2010

Going green and some trivia...- oh, never mind!

On several of my posts, I declared my love for mother earth. Big deal, I know.

But I am kind of serious about it. So that last 3 months or so, I purchased a green bag from one of the malls/supermarkets where we usually buy our groceries. But holy goodness, I always, always forget it when we go out. So the plastic bags that we were trying to cut down on kept mounting.

Hanging it at the back of the door was my genius solution. I'm hoping this time, I'd only forget about it half the time. Because I'm certain I'm never gonna make it ALL the time.

What's your green move lately?

That is what's in the Features.

Trivia section is this:


Have you noticed those weird words during word verification in blogger, or whereever? I wondered if they meant anything because some of them are serious cases of misspellings. Eyesores, right? (Which I'm guilty of sometimes.Hands up.)

Then I was introduced to Captcha.

Introducer: Meet Captcha. Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Me: ... (blank, ignorant face but anticipative)

Introducer: In very simple words, it's a test that computer programs cannot pass. It's for humans. The purpose is to prevent undesirable stuff over the internet such as spam, worms and bots.

Me: .. (digesting the last four words..)

Introducer: It's a plain security measure, idiot!

Me: (Eyes opened wide. Then, embarrassed grin.)

Happy weekend wonderful people!


Anonymous said...

Oh never knew what "captcha" really means until now, though i know it's for security purposes.

Got to get that green bag too!

I enjoyed feeding your fishes. I wish my readers could feed Maukie, my virtual cat, too.

i'm no miss said...

Oh Mitch thanks!

The trivia made me really look stupid huh =) I knew they were for security too.. Oh no, I might lose a follower again!

Weird, but I do feed my fishes. And when I'm out, I make sure when I come back I feed them with more. And that's tons of clicks! lol

Ratz said...

I didn't know Captcha was an acronym... hmmm... i learnt something mew today!!! and i feed your fish and you cat Mish... don't worry you guys.... :-)

PS: I love Nature too.. Sister hugs.... i use the bags too only here hey come in different colors

Mama Hauck said...

Wow, I didn't know Captcha was an acronym either!

I REALLY need to invest in some green bags.....I definitely have plastic bags up the wazoo. Really annoying. Good for you!

Gnetch said...

I knew it was called Captcha but I never knew it was an acronym. Haha! Go green bag. I should start going green as well.

CAPTCHA word: enhanism


Rachel Cotterill said...

We have to drive to get to the supermarket, so we try to keep our shopping bags in the car. Problem? Every time we do the shopping, we (wait for it...) use the bags to carry the stuff down to the house. And then forget to put the bags back in the car. It happens so often, it's not even funny!

The Empress said...

Hi! GOod to hear from you!

What I've had to do is put all my green bags in my car, and 2 in my purse.

that way, I ALWAYS have them. And they fold up small enough.

I think your idea is great, though!

Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog as much as I'm enjoying yours..

Anonymous said...

So someone's comment on here made me go see what this feeding fishies is all about and I must say, my little pea-sized brain was happily occupied for like five minutes. I never knew just clicking a mouse could be so entertaining. Lol.

i'm no miss said...

Ratz - ..sister hugs for nature lovers here!

Becca- Yes, one small step is big enough right? I hope I'd stick to it hehe

Gnetch - Or CORORFUL haha!

Rachel - We should really try harder, shouldn't we? These bags are giving us a hard time haha!

The Empress - I'd have to buy more green bags and stop being rotten stingy. I've thought of that but chose not to buy more bags. I think I should reconsider if I'd really want to be an earth lover..haha! Thanks Empress!

Lilly- Thanks for feeding my fishes! Nice to see you here.. =)

janjan said...

haha! loved the trivia. i didn't know about the captcha thing and i'm so ashamed to admit, to think i'm a programmer, awwww.... there's still so many things to learn in this world.

Tiffany said...

haha! funny post! good idea hanging the bag behind the door by the way :D

Alexandra Crocodile said...

Haha:) They're not supposed to mean anything, I think!

The verification for this comment is "actic":)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well I learned something new today! I had never even heard of the term 'captcha'. Clever.

I have been better about using re-usable bags. I bought a couple from the market I go to and try to always have them in the trunk of my car so I can use them when I go grocery shopping after a run. I am getting at using them in the summer because I usually shop more often and buy less. During the blustery winter, I stock up and try to go to the grocery store as little as possible so I don't have to go out in the cold!

Alexia said...

You know, I keep forgetting my "green" bag too. Maybe this is something to think about...

Vernz said...

nyahahah... good one.. this comment showed .... reftsi as captcha... cool!

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Emily Jane said...

I had no idea it was an acronym! I learned something today :)

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

I am a new follower! Would love a follow back:)

Daisygirl said...

Coming over from FMBT and am a new follower!
I always mis-spell captchas on the first try...sneaky little things!

Happy Tuesday!

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Cristin said...

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Meg said...

Hye thanks for sharing that info. I was always curious what the heck Captcha was. And wow its an acronym. Cool.

You just forgot to carry the green bag..i keep forgetting to buy it. My Bad.

Meg said...

Well shucks...i thought i was following you when i was not. Well i caught it. I am following ur blog now

LeAnn said...

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FeliciaE said...

I am horrible about remembering my green bags also. Thankfully our stores have big boxes to put used plastic bags in for recycling. (now if I could just remember to bring those to the store)

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Holyoke Home said...

I have to leave reusable bags everywhere: in the house, in the car, at the office, in the basement, basically EVERYWHERE just so I can find one when I need one.

A belated but no less heartfelt 'THANK YOU!' for stopping by my renovation blog on my SITS day. I really really appreciate it!
Oy vey.

jennifer young said...

oh my! i really need to hang my bags on the back of my door like you! i always forget too!

thanks for stopping by i art u :) hope you have an amazing memorial day weekend!

ps my word verification on this comment is ponses. haha

jozen said...

haha! i do the exact same thing and then i buy another reusable bag and so on and so on.. and now my reuseable bags are piling up!!

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