Saturday, May 22, 2010

Going green and some trivia...- oh, never mind!

On several of my posts, I declared my love for mother earth. Big deal, I know.

But I am kind of serious about it. So that last 3 months or so, I purchased a green bag from one of the malls/supermarkets where we usually buy our groceries. But holy goodness, I always, always forget it when we go out. So the plastic bags that we were trying to cut down on kept mounting.

Hanging it at the back of the door was my genius solution. I'm hoping this time, I'd only forget about it half the time. Because I'm certain I'm never gonna make it ALL the time.

What's your green move lately?

That is what's in the Features.

Trivia section is this:


Have you noticed those weird words during word verification in blogger, or whereever? I wondered if they meant anything because some of them are serious cases of misspellings. Eyesores, right? (Which I'm guilty of sometimes.Hands up.)

Then I was introduced to Captcha.

Introducer: Meet Captcha. Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Me: ... (blank, ignorant face but anticipative)

Introducer: In very simple words, it's a test that computer programs cannot pass. It's for humans. The purpose is to prevent undesirable stuff over the internet such as spam, worms and bots.

Me: .. (digesting the last four words..)

Introducer: It's a plain security measure, idiot!

Me: (Eyes opened wide. Then, embarrassed grin.)

Happy weekend wonderful people!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm going crafty!

I'm looking forward to being crafty sometime soon! I don't know how I'm gonna insert that to my already packed sched. But as of yesterday, I took my second step towards there by buying the stuff you see at the left. Couldn't believe they were really cheap! They all cost not more than 50 bucks (Php).I was done with the first step and that was checking on the old Singer sewing machine back at my mom's. It was unbelieavably massive it will take 2 or more physically apt men to carry it up here.
Anyways, my first project will be cutting up my jeans shorter and making baby pillow cases for mister baby. Wish me luck! I'll promise I'll share how creative I'd become, even if no one would care. Haha!

I'm overly excited, in case that's not obvious. But don't get carried away. I doubt I'd be half-impressive. First of all, I will start from negative zero step to know about machine sewing. Second, my machine is as old as my grandma so it has some issues like tension adjustment. I'm guessing that's supposed to adjust the stitches because the thing currently just does one type - the straight stitch. That's enough to go forward, right?

Oh, a pair of scissors too.
And some fabric.
And more thread.

*Photo credit of the treadle machine goes to owner. Mine is exactly like that one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tokens of blogofriendship! (UPDATED)

Don't all those statuettes look lovely?

So, wearing a rock-the-red-carpet dress, behind the fancy lectern and glaring against the spotlight,

"Thank you Mitch, Gnetch and Alex!"

I started blogging all on my own.  I mean, I had no audience/listener/reader at all for quite some time. That was what blogging is all about.  Just express yourself. Period.  

Then, I happened to look around, and wow, it felt wonderful to read blogs with people actually reading them and see those lovely awards floating on  the sidebars or anywhere. 
As I started blogging again, a month ago or so, I realized -


They bring you to a whole new level of blogging experience.

So, if you are reading this from your dashboard following, or google reader, or whatever, the Beautiful Blog Award is for you! I hope you'd appreciate my way of appreciating you.  So, take it! (I'm saying it nicely.)

I want to retain the 'special-ness' of these awards but since they had been bouncing around the blogosphere, almost all of my lovely prospective awardees got one already.

So, I shall give the Sunshine Award to my would-be follower. He or she will add a ray to my sun. That would be Follower #39!

The Karate Award..goes to..


You guys made my mother's day post for my mom extra special.  For reading and commenting, thank you! You gave this year's day an extra kick!

I bought a cake, wrapped some lovely gift and most of all, brought her first and only grandson close for the weekend bonding. She gave me this lovely pair.

Would you believe these are made from water lily? Woven. I have lots of these pairs, sometimes made of abaca, and they are such comfortable wears!  All from my mother.

*Couldn't find her blog link..

UPDATE: The Sunshine Award goes to Yaya's Mommy!  Please take the statuette made of sunshine. Welcome aboard :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twitter wins! *note annoyance

So I had been avoiding Twitter.  I had it since August last year, but I thought I have Facebook, dying Friendster [sorry :( ] 2 Multiply, several baby sites, gmail, yahoo mail, picasa, photobucket, wedding announcer, youtube and a lot other internet sites (some I forgot already) and now a BLOG- all of these accounts I should have a login and password and should somehow MAINTAIN or attend to, be active on - in short NOT TO BE NEGLECTED.

So no Twitter.

But I think Twitter insists.

Here goes how.

I changed my template. Again. ( I have said these lines a million times in my posts I guess)  It's this one.  I thought, nice and clean. So I want this.

Tweak, tweak, tweak.

Hmm, but I ignored those two little floaters just beside my blog title.  But okay, I'll give them a click.

RSS. Click. Fine. Okay.

Twitter. Click. Hassan Blogger blah blah blah.

That's not me.

So I scampered off quickly to the editing dashboard.  I cannot have my followers be led to some guy not even connected to me.

I looked for the twitter link and tried changing it with -


My twitter profile was farthest back in my mind.  Nope.  Not that one.  Got to be clever.

For lack of idea, I put: (as in nothing, nothing, nothing.)
Merrily hit the 'save' button.  Satisfied.

Until I test-clicked it.

Loading ......moved to



What the f-yu-z-k have I done!?

So again, I scampered off to the editor, this time almost panicky!

After some groping for my twitter profile, there you go.

Click that little bugger floating up there.. C'mon...

It's DECENT, and IT'S MINE. Haha!

Oh, twitter.

You won.


P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!

UPDATE: I lost a follower after this post. So, I found a way to remove the link, or make it unclickable.  It perhaps made a wrong impression of me. I don't know.  Guess, it happens.

But just in case, this post was meant to be fun.  Just one of the funny things that happened to me.  Nothing more than that. ;)