Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I will be an inspiration

And I will celebrate.

Because I got 19 Followers already!

I know that’s not much. But for me who started blogging since time immemorial (late 2008?), that’s already SOMETHING.

I have 19 precious people, not one I have met before, reading my blog. Or not necessarily.

And I should thank those lovelies who left some love on few of my recent posts. You have no idea how much love those meant to me.

Now back.

So, why 19? When I could so well hope for 29, 68, 280 or 10,500 followers?

19 is my best number.
So you could try that number combination on any of my passwords and you might just get lucky.

On the 19th day of a certain month some 8 years back, I had my first boyfriend. But mind you, I was not in my teens then anymore. I was 21. Eew! I was old. I know, stop it already.

Okay you won’t stop. So here, have your fill.

I finished grade school. I did not have a boyfriend. That’s pretty understandable, right?

High school. No boyfriend until graduation.

College. No boyfriend.

I did not care. I finished on top of my class on all of those years anyway.

So yes, I was a total geek, nerd, whatever you call me.

Although I did not wear glasses, overalls, or had uneven teeth, braces -- all that you could imagine.

Yes, I looked like just your regular student.

I had several cute guys woo me during those times, I should say. But you see, my mom inspired me so, so much. All those were the only best gifts I could give her, aside from me being a good girl, which should be a default, right? 

So a boyfriend did not come across my mind. It was just me, my mom, and my siblings. (My dad passed away when I was 6.)

Until on the 19th, 4 months after my college graduation.

The beautiful pictures started pouring in..

He was my high school friend-turned out best friend in college.

That one lovely evening, he went to our house riding his bike. At our porch, I wore the sweetest smile when I told him, “Yes, It is 'us'!”


Six years after, we got married overseas.


A little after that, we had our church wedding.

OUR most precious gift arrived a year after.

So years and years down the road, someone could say

“Because of that day,

There was once a woman who married the man of her nights and days. The man who did not understand but rather shared and felt with who she was..

That there was once a woman who seemed to be the luckiest but refused to believe that
                           and felt that it was more than that.."

That woman is me.

And all that root from that day.


We celebrate that day until now. We also celebrate our civil and church wedding anniversaries. And we celebrate the day our baby was born.

But to me that day is the mother of all these precious celebrations.

So happy 19 Followers’ Day to me!

Thank you -

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Alter Egos

Thanks for sharing with me the life that I love.


Anonymous said...

Happy 19 Followers Day to you! It's great to know you are happy with all of my nonsense hahaha! I am celebrating too! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

btw, i forgot to say your baby is soooo cute, with that little smile. He is adorable.

i'm no miss said...

@Mishieru -

We all want just a bit of space in the blogosphere right? So you're very welcome :D

I left you some love already on your "new" blog.

And Thank You! When he gets a compliment, I get double the pleasure.

Ella Unread said...

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for following it.
Kudos on your 19 followers!

Niki said...

Congrats on your followers!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

19 is a special number for you!

I was a bit of a nerd in high school, too. And college. I always got teased because pretty much the only time a boy would call for me in college is to ask for help in calculus or accounting... Oh well. Someday I will find someone who will love my nerdy side...

Aly said...

That was such a sweet post!!! Your baby is adorable!:)

jozen said...

SO beautiful! i got goosebumps!

i hope you don't mind, but i am your 20th follower :)

Gnetch said...

Awe.. thanks for the shout out. And I just noticed you now have 23 followers. Wooohoo!

Your baby is so cute. And you married your first boyfriend? That's awesome!

Mama Hauck said...

Very nice. :)

That's right! You are at 23 now!


Cheryl said...

Lovely post. And your son is just so adorable I want to reach through the blogosphere to give him a hug.

Cheryl said...

Me again. I couldn't find an email address to respond to your comment on my blog so I'm leaving it here. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments that reinforced that wordless feeling of sharing the birth of a child.

i'm no miss said...
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i'm no miss said...


I'm a walking blog-o-pal. Thank you and welcome!


I bet you will Lisa!


Thank you Aly. You have a beautiful baby too!


Thank you Jozen.

Sure, you're more than welcome:)


You're welcome and thank you!

Yes, my first..I so pray, my last too :)


And i'm so happy! stay with me guys as it grows in number. And I hope I'll be worth it haha


Thank youu! You just hugged him right there.

You're welcome. Your post brought that beautiful memory back:)

Laoch'Rione said...

Aww that is so sweet! Aren't you happy now you waited all those years, it certainly paid off! Good for you!
Following from swap-bot

Rachel Cotterill said...

That's awesome :D What a lovely story.

Just one thing... you've got more than 19 followers now ;)

Alexandra Crocodile said...

thank you for the shout! and that was a really awesome post - beautifully written. which country did you get married in?

Jayne said...

Hello! I came by via the lovely blog Friends & Crocodiles. :)

I hope the number 26 is also a good one to you! What a lovely post. Those photographs are stunning, and really tell your story, especially with your cute little one.

Happy 19th to you!

Holly Renee said...

Congrats on the 19 followers! Such a beautiful story. I am surprised that you didn't have a boyfriend before that because you seem so.... well, awesome. But you sure did make up for not having any previous boyfriends. What an amazing love story!

Bob West said...

I enjoyed your blog! Very insightful
Hopefully you will appreciate mine
Jesus Lives
God Bless, Bob West

Alexandra Crocodile said...

There's an award for you at my blog:)

Emily Jane said...

Happy 19!! What a wonderful story!

Natalie said...

Very cool story!! My number was 20 followers - I don't know why but that number stuck in my head. "When I have 20 followers, I'll be happy"...then I got them and I was! I wished I would've thanked them like you did - very cool idea :)