Sunday, April 18, 2010

Me versus Summer

The entire week has been one of the typical. Only this time, my pinchable folds got ill with cold because of the unusually tropical weather we get here nowadays. So I have been busy:

1. Being around him

2. Being all over him

3. Loving his obviously wanting me to be 1 and 2.

Times like these, I say, I hate summer. From the last post, I think this may pass me a hate person, a negative one and totally un-likeable! But my son is sick and heck, I will continue with this rant anyway!

Summer loathers like me are a misunderstood minority, viewed with suspicion and dumped with those who hate dogs. While the rest exclaims excitement over going to the beach, I can only be ready with a bland nod. Weird?

Come to think of it, in summer, beach wannabes take off their clothes, put on their best swimwear and head for the beach. There they lay on the hot sand, soak themselves in polluted waters and bathe their skin with cancerous Ultraviolet Rays. Now, who’s weirder?

I'd hit the beach on a semi-overcast day.
And I would't hate the sand because I won't be eating.
Admittedly, summer is also looked forward to by creatures such as plants (those growing flowers and fruits) cactuses too, and both men and women because of the vast amount of skin exposure. But if a great percentage of viewable male skin is flabby, pale and droopy as opposed to firmed, tanned and muscular, I would rather sit my ass on a rocking chair at our porch. Imagine a potbelly hanging out of fitted (or non-fitted) swimming trunks or bikinis. Applicable to women too. (Sadly, I’m inches on my way there! Damnit!) Tell me,  plus factors for summer?

More summer boogers:

The heat

The sweat and those who smell because of it

Sand on my food

Screaming brats

Their negligent parents


The dust

Our perpetually unfinished roads

And the politicians who promise to pave them but do so only during elections

So if one day, which is most likely, you see a post at the beach or at the pool or anywhere summer thrown in here – by me- , it will only be because:

1. I want PF to enjoy the sun, sand and nature

2. I want to learn how to swim. God, I’m rotten old!

3. I want to enjoy summer anyway, and I don’t really care about potbellies, brats and sands.

I could change my mind that quickly. And no one can stop me.


Anonymous said...

Right! Summer used to be fun and something to look forward to but because of the climate change, summer heat is not good nowadays. I had been to a summer getaway just a week ago but not in the beach. It's a falls in the mountains, the water is freezing despite El Nino.

Why not go night swimming instead?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We have what feels like 9 months of winter where I live, so I do love summer. But it won't be long and I will be grumbling over the humidity as it makes for the worst sleeping weather!!

My summer weekends usually consist of driving to my parents lake cabin. So I get the sun & water & fun fruity cocktails that my mom blends minus the annoying crowds. So I am quite lucky. If I lived close to a beach along the coast, I probably wouldn't go very often because I can't stand massive groups of people. Although the people watching is fanstastic...

Gnetch said...

I totally hate summer here too. It's sooooo unbearably hot. And swimming makes me look toasted. Hehe.

Hope your son is feeling better now. :)

i'm no miss said...

@Mishieru -

Yeah. I saw your post on that. And I missed doing that. And yes, night swimming is one best option.

@Lisa -

Perhaps if we have winter too, I'll get to appreciate summer more.

Your summer sounds like really fun!

@Gnetch -

I also get burnt skin instead of tan!

Thank you. Mister Baby is okay now. At least his nose is clearer.

janjan said...

i like summer, as opposed to everyone here. haha! it's the only time I can get my ass off from work and spend a day at the beach far, far away!

Alexandra Crocodile said...

I love summer, but that may be because it's always so damned cold here in Norway. It's still snowing here. So the summer, although it only lasts a month or so, is always welcome:)

StarGazer said...

I do agree that I hate the heat and I hate sweating more than anything, it makes me feel disgusting. But I will say that just waking up to a sunny warm day still puts a smile on my face, and there is also no better feeling than driving in my car with my music blaring and the windows all the way down with the breeze flying through my hair. Love it!

Mama Hauck said...

I can't swim either. And I would look ridiculous trying to! You'd think I'd have learned by now.

Most definitely the only view I'll be getting this summer is beer bellies, hairy thighs, toothless grins, and unwashed hair. See, I live out in the boonies surrounded by questionable people who do questionable things and who undoubtedly look questionable too. Warm weather brings them outside. *sigh*


jozen said...

stumbled upon your blog and i am so glad i did!

i would have to agree.. i myself am not a beach lover. I have never been able to understand those who can lie on the sand for hours and hours doing nothing.

i don't want sand in my hair in my hose in my eyes or up my bathing suit.

stop by when you get a chance and say hi!

Holly Renee said...

Ha ha! I love summer but I get that some people do not like the heat. I think it sort of depends on where you live too.

i'm no miss said...


I hear you working-girl-so-longing-for the beach!


Oh, I don't know if I should wish that we have snow here too.. But sometimes, I do wish just that..


Hey, I love that picture you created right there! Me too, me too!

@Mama Hauck

Not fun eh? Exactly why I should also rather sit on a rocking chair inside with the AC on and read Judith McNaught :D


Hi! I'm equally glad you did. Because now, I found you too!

Yep, I guess we'd never be sand people. Poor sand!


You're right Holly, it depends on where who lives that says summer is what! :)