Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big, big world

Lent holidays is over!

My sister was just off to a city miles far from the city where I am right now. Can there be just one city in this country, just in this perspective? The city where I’m now? The city was just so redundant and I hate it when I am redundant because I just don't want to cure the redundancy. Huh?!

My brother is far by seas, and masses of land although not necessarily continents. Can that place be just a 10-minute jeepney ride? Okay, 30 minutes. I’ll bargain with that.

I just miss them. And hope that they’re not so far away.

My consolations:

1) My sister and I had great laughs and endless nonsense, really shallow chats over the week. Thanks Bi for the great time.  Although my calendar which had a strict note "Do it, or you're doomed!" remained an EMPTY THREAT to myself. As it always does. And I don't know how I'm going to 'doom' myself, just in case.

had to hide the entries.. ;)

Now, I feel stupidier (more stupid, i mean) to have written it in the first place. Who was I kidding anyway?!

2) 'Kickass bro," my brother called several times during the week. And I know that as long as this page is here, the lappy replacement will be on its way. Yay!

Of course I'm totally joking about that lappy. Innuendos don't work for him because he's naturally a loving sibling! Awww.

I hope August would fly fast.

I hate having to hate myself for missing them.

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