Thursday, April 29, 2010

Of grandmas and transistors

Last weekend, I, with my mom, bought my grandmother a transistor radio. I do not know if you still know how that looks like. Just see above and that's pretty much it.

Anyway, the old woman wanted something as simple as that. Really, right? I mean, ipods, iphones, cd players, or at least an MP3. Hello!? So she’s not the least techie at all.

Mom said that we must buy her the radio 'cause that's the only thing that's keeping her sane in her little estate.  And at least "before she dies." That last phrase pricks my heart.  But mom meant it in a good kind of way.

Truly, my grandma is just on her way towards there.  I'm trying to accept that.  But every time I visit her, I'm convinced to believe otherwise because she remains a strong and stubborn woman.

She's at least 85 years old, I guess.  But she cooks by herself, fetches water, washes her own clothes, goes to church, manages her little farm..  Maybe that is why amidst the several stroke attempts and her failing eyesight, she survives at this time.  She has got an active lifestyle!  More active than I am.  See me seating on my butt, typing, reading blogs.. Oh, my pretty, little, easy life.

But mind you, when she was younger and had double the vigor, she was a bitchy woman.  Well, not to us her dear grandchildren.

Know the story of a wicked mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law?  She was THAT mother-in-law.  You know, the typical kind.

She did not favor my mom for his eldest son, even though they were married already and had two kids. She managed to keep my father away from his family.  (Yes, my dad belonged to a category.) As if that were not enough, grandma took us, the children, away from my mom. 

That kind of typical.

Oh, she was a bitch.

But I loved her.  And I still do.

Mom never once instilled hatred in our hearts for her.  Even though, I know, that was such a damned hard time she gave her.

I call her Mamalola. 

When I was little, she let me "ride" on her legs and feet while they swing.  When I hurt my knees with wound from a fall, she would patch it up with some herbals.  She made sure the floor was always sqeaky-clean when I and my sibling used to literally crawl on the floor.  She made us the tastiest donuts ever!


So back to the radio. 

Mamalola enjoyed it. Just like you would an ipod :)  So kudos for me and my mom!

What kind of a grandma or grandpa do you have? Fond memories?  Only if you feel like answering those.  Otherwise, a "nice post" would do. I'm kidding.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh, I am lovely!

Immediately after I made the long post below and as I was about to call it a night, I was surprised and so delighted to have found this darling at my blog's doorstep (where is that?! I dunno).

The One Lovely Blog Award
It is for me! 

It's from Alex over at Friends and Crocodiles. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. So it is true. Lovely people have lovely friends, right? Haha. 

This gal  is doing some awesome job on her blog, she has become my instant favorite.  Her blog and her friendship are a must-see!

Yesterday was already perfectly made up. So I slept over this lovely award and thought that I'd save my gushing and all for today.  And now THIS made my DAY!

Thank you Alex!!

Here are the LOVELY blog-o-pals I'm passing it on to:

Janjan at Between me and my thoughts
Emily Jane at Emily Jane
Mishieru at Upside Down
Gnetch at Thank Goodness for the Good Ones
Aly at My Solace

Enjoy ladies!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today I will be an inspiration

And I will celebrate.

Because I got 19 Followers already!

I know that’s not much. But for me who started blogging since time immemorial (late 2008?), that’s already SOMETHING.

I have 19 precious people, not one I have met before, reading my blog. Or not necessarily.

And I should thank those lovelies who left some love on few of my recent posts. You have no idea how much love those meant to me.

Now back.

So, why 19? When I could so well hope for 29, 68, 280 or 10,500 followers?

19 is my best number.
So you could try that number combination on any of my passwords and you might just get lucky.

On the 19th day of a certain month some 8 years back, I had my first boyfriend. But mind you, I was not in my teens then anymore. I was 21. Eew! I was old. I know, stop it already.

Okay you won’t stop. So here, have your fill.

I finished grade school. I did not have a boyfriend. That’s pretty understandable, right?

High school. No boyfriend until graduation.

College. No boyfriend.

I did not care. I finished on top of my class on all of those years anyway.

So yes, I was a total geek, nerd, whatever you call me.

Although I did not wear glasses, overalls, or had uneven teeth, braces -- all that you could imagine.

Yes, I looked like just your regular student.

I had several cute guys woo me during those times, I should say. But you see, my mom inspired me so, so much. All those were the only best gifts I could give her, aside from me being a good girl, which should be a default, right? 

So a boyfriend did not come across my mind. It was just me, my mom, and my siblings. (My dad passed away when I was 6.)

Until on the 19th, 4 months after my college graduation.

The beautiful pictures started pouring in..

He was my high school friend-turned out best friend in college.

That one lovely evening, he went to our house riding his bike. At our porch, I wore the sweetest smile when I told him, “Yes, It is 'us'!”


Six years after, we got married overseas.


A little after that, we had our church wedding.

OUR most precious gift arrived a year after.

So years and years down the road, someone could say

“Because of that day,

There was once a woman who married the man of her nights and days. The man who did not understand but rather shared and felt with who she was..

That there was once a woman who seemed to be the luckiest but refused to believe that
                           and felt that it was more than that.."

That woman is me.

And all that root from that day.


We celebrate that day until now. We also celebrate our civil and church wedding anniversaries. And we celebrate the day our baby was born.

But to me that day is the mother of all these precious celebrations.

So happy 19 Followers’ Day to me!

Thank you -

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Alter Egos

Thanks for sharing with me the life that I love.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Me versus Summer

The entire week has been one of the typical. Only this time, my pinchable folds got ill with cold because of the unusually tropical weather we get here nowadays. So I have been busy:

1. Being around him

2. Being all over him

3. Loving his obviously wanting me to be 1 and 2.

Times like these, I say, I hate summer. From the last post, I think this may pass me a hate person, a negative one and totally un-likeable! But my son is sick and heck, I will continue with this rant anyway!

Summer loathers like me are a misunderstood minority, viewed with suspicion and dumped with those who hate dogs. While the rest exclaims excitement over going to the beach, I can only be ready with a bland nod. Weird?

Come to think of it, in summer, beach wannabes take off their clothes, put on their best swimwear and head for the beach. There they lay on the hot sand, soak themselves in polluted waters and bathe their skin with cancerous Ultraviolet Rays. Now, who’s weirder?

I'd hit the beach on a semi-overcast day.
And I would't hate the sand because I won't be eating.
Admittedly, summer is also looked forward to by creatures such as plants (those growing flowers and fruits) cactuses too, and both men and women because of the vast amount of skin exposure. But if a great percentage of viewable male skin is flabby, pale and droopy as opposed to firmed, tanned and muscular, I would rather sit my ass on a rocking chair at our porch. Imagine a potbelly hanging out of fitted (or non-fitted) swimming trunks or bikinis. Applicable to women too. (Sadly, I’m inches on my way there! Damnit!) Tell me,  plus factors for summer?

More summer boogers:

The heat

The sweat and those who smell because of it

Sand on my food

Screaming brats

Their negligent parents


The dust

Our perpetually unfinished roads

And the politicians who promise to pave them but do so only during elections

So if one day, which is most likely, you see a post at the beach or at the pool or anywhere summer thrown in here – by me- , it will only be because:

1. I want PF to enjoy the sun, sand and nature

2. I want to learn how to swim. God, I’m rotten old!

3. I want to enjoy summer anyway, and I don’t really care about potbellies, brats and sands.

I could change my mind that quickly. And no one can stop me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NO, I do not hate men. Seriously.

Female species, consider this:

1. You abandon the diet plan you’ve been seriously and painstakingly observing for months – you binge eat. Company you most loved- chocolate. Or otherwise you give up food as if you patronize those emaciated  models whose body parts seem to break at a snap of a finger.

2. You lose rationality, logic or whatchamacallit that hinders you to wish that the earth would open up and swallow you.

3. You wish you’re deaf, mute and blind – you shut yourself out to to the world by literally shutting your door and locking yourself in.

4. You turn into a masochistic maniac – you employ physical means. You think you are Manny Pacquio and Hatton in one, you end up punching your own self.

5. You become The Destroyer. You always have the urge to wreck things up. You’ve already slammed your cellphone against the wall and now you’re looking at the television set.

Yes ladies, you guessed it up. These are the bizarre characters women turn into when male species employ devious means on you, such as:

1. Ignoring you.
2. Liking another girl.
3. Forgetting your birthday, Valentine’s day, your anniversary or even the first movie you saw together.
4. Not being able to take a hint.
5. Commenting less flatteringly about your appearance.
6. Practically doing anything.
7. Or doing nothing.

That from observation, I can say that no organism is as baffling, infuriating and as incomprehensible to women as ‘men’. That no general rule applies to them, except that they wear pants. But I know some guy friends who are mushier, more emotional than women, especially when in the clutches of love. Men, too, are as gossipy as women. Except that female gossip is mean and theirs is obscene. And then they wonder what we girls talk about in an “all-girls” rendezvous. The answer: You, men. We rate you, dears.

And doing a bit of research and the stark evidence from observation, I came up with the following:

1. Mama’s Boy – Men who are not for marriage, they are for adoption. They are so attached to their mommies, no woman could meet their standards. Given the chance, they would clone their mommies and marry them.

2. Black Holes – You could call a Black Hole everyday, follow him around, buy him presents, do his thesis and laundry, invent excuses to be with him, anything short of sending him a marriage contract with your and his name on it, he would not take the hint. Black Holes are so dense they cannot take hints. If you plan to marry with your hair having the same color as your wedding dress, find yourself a Black Hole.

3. Rock star – Tattooed, easy-go-lucky roadies. You will be in perpetual competition with his guitar, drums and whathavethey. You become his number one fan. He composes a song for you but after you broke up you learned that it was the same song he made for another girl. He just changed the part where your name is mentioned.

4. The Nerd - With The Nerd, your constant rivals are his books, notes and computer, unless you are a nerd yourself. He fetches you with Isaac Newton and you have dinner with Charles Darwin. You enjoy debates on semantics and politics of men. Q&A on general knowledge is your favorite hobby. Your life together seem to be a long drawn college education that you get bored enough to sneak into the most boring show there is on TV.

5. Mr. Corporate - Corpo dudes are the typical conservative-looking type. Conservative, usually neck-tied suits, that is. They painstakingly read, or pretend to read, displaying business magazines on their desk. They worry about global warming, receding trees and their receding hair (most of the time in reverse order). They are fluent in business-speak (market demand, leverage, empower). They treat women as they would investments. So if you want to hook up with this type, better be an investment yourself.


6. The Ogle - Not the Ogre, but men this type could have striking resemblance with the creature. As the name connotes, these men are sucker for the sight of skin - women's skin, that is. Their can't-live-without are magazines and videos that offer cheap thrills of photos/films of women's naked bodies. They usually disguise behind their dark sunglasses, you could mistake them for blind in dark buildings. And yes, in restaurants they hate the seat fronting the wall, no way! Ogles are usually sex maniacs too. Eeew!

7. The Male Chauvinist Swine - The last but not the least, our favorite punching bag - The Pig. Men who believe that women are weaker sex and all other variations to that such as "Women's place is at home and in the bedroom." Yes perhaps they have physiological advantages over women like they could carry big things such as refrigerator and piano. This type of men is not for marrying.  They're only for carrying refrigerators!

Whew! You may want to add some more or you could cross mix to make another category, like an ogle and a pig, an "oglypig". Huh?

But hey, I don't hate men. I didn't mention real men with abs everywhere and not anyone among those as above, right?  And I have a dear brother and hubby although their abs are so-so, I adore them. I just kind of dislike men who are semblances or exactly those of the abovementioned with the exception of Nerds and Rock Stars.  Rock Stars are hot.

Anyway, who do like them? Oh, their mothers.

And as if the above are not enough, I thought these are interesting quotes. For women. :)

One is "I've been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog." -- Wendy Liebman.

N.B. I read Jessica Zafra.  And this article is a product of her inspiration and in fact, hers are most of the idea.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big, big world

Lent holidays is over!

My sister was just off to a city miles far from the city where I am right now. Can there be just one city in this country, just in this perspective? The city where I’m now? The city was just so redundant and I hate it when I am redundant because I just don't want to cure the redundancy. Huh?!

My brother is far by seas, and masses of land although not necessarily continents. Can that place be just a 10-minute jeepney ride? Okay, 30 minutes. I’ll bargain with that.

I just miss them. And hope that they’re not so far away.

My consolations:

1) My sister and I had great laughs and endless nonsense, really shallow chats over the week. Thanks Bi for the great time.  Although my calendar which had a strict note "Do it, or you're doomed!" remained an EMPTY THREAT to myself. As it always does. And I don't know how I'm going to 'doom' myself, just in case.

had to hide the entries.. ;)

Now, I feel stupidier (more stupid, i mean) to have written it in the first place. Who was I kidding anyway?!

2) 'Kickass bro," my brother called several times during the week. And I know that as long as this page is here, the lappy replacement will be on its way. Yay!

Of course I'm totally joking about that lappy. Innuendos don't work for him because he's naturally a loving sibling! Awww.

I hope August would fly fast.

I hate having to hate myself for missing them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Silly lovers

Silly lovers have a good chance to forever.  This is just me.

 And Happy Easter everyone. Belated.


I really want to write something longer than this. But this is all selfish time can spare me.  And I thought some times, I'd have to say it pictures, images, saying images such as this.  I'm naturally talkative, it's just  not obvious.