Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whine-free me

I cannot blog hop. Can't watch a movie. Can't even face the TV and just overhear the news from my study table. I am whining my heart out all right. But I am the very willing victim of these innocent voluminous books in front of me and not only that, the stacked up soft files I still have to print or read, or just read directly from the screen and hurt my eyes out.

Ahh, it is because this is me. Nerdy? Maybe. I just love studying, period. I can study all my life. Study equals learning, that's it. And I would want mister baby to have the same passion for learning as his mom and dad have.

But my back aches. And the on and off glancing at somersaulting stat of my blog and now, it's plummeting, almost crashing down, makes it more tempting to ditch these books. I will make my come back with reprisal. That is, make really good use of my time blogging. Oh, When! I can't even go to the real editor page and do the blogging there, or the Word and publish thing. I'm doing a QuickPress! Ack. Is this unfair or what?

Nonetheless, ..hmm, maybe i just need a little sleep. Just a little before the next milk stop of my lovely little boy. I'm always, always excited to sleep and cuddle close to him.

So then, there went the whining me. Now, I'm sleeping whine-free. Thanks bloggy!


suyeonb13 said...

I also kind of whine on my blog too....
But I disagree with the studying thing! I could NEVER study all my life :( haha

i'm no miss said...

hi there! i know, it does suck sometimes lol :P