Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks, thanks love

My new header rocks! Largely because i did not get it from anywhere else. The hubby spent a while doing the thing. And, and, that's just not plain photo from photoshop, but it's a 3D image he labored for me. He's supportive, and I  sometimes think that's even an understatement.

He doesn't read much of my rants and raves. No, he's not into that. He'd rather watch NBA. But, he's as malleable when he knows I'm in this kind of dilemma, such as "Hon, i want this certain type of header, with this design and the color should be this, a little reflective.. etc.." All with dear effort.

Wonder, when I'll change my header again.. But this time, I'm happy because at least, even if i don't have a theme yet for this blog (when, when, when!), my header speaks a lot of me. Yey!



Don Jose R. Mendoza said...

it is really nice!

dj said...

it is really nice!

i'm no miss said...

salamat! hihi:)