Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

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To  every woman who's

strong, independent, empowered, free, liberated, emancipated, high-spirited, strong-willed, committed, weak, abused, marginalized, defenseless, unprotected, vulnerable, young, old

gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, stunning, attractive, elegant, striking, good-looking, dazzling, lovely, emaciated, hostile, incapacitated, pregnant

fashionable, bitch, chic, stylish, smart, vogue, old- fashioned, conventional, conservative

traditionalist, conformist, political, atheist, agnostic, religious, radical, rebellious, adventurous, Grumpy, Impatient, stubborn, critical, judgmental, introverted, angry, restless, distracted, complicated, idealistic dissatisfied anxious nosy insecure doubtful dependent lazy rude awkward

naïve proud self-conscious pessimistic incompetent inflexible intolerant cowardly stupid bitchy vulgar lethargic hostile selfish unhappy cynical needy irrational childish passive unresponsive overdramatic predictable calculating indecisive anal fussy quixotic irritating feeble fickle-minded

nice sweet kind talkative determined passionate helpful understanding sympathetic smart friendly diplomatic sentimental organised dependable tolerant modest romantic reflective confident knowledgeable trustworthy polite cheerful observant logical sensible engaging cute aware dedicated
loving reciprocating meticulous naughty patient loyal encouraging simple compassionate forgiving admiring  cheeky grateful  faithful caring considerate.

To all women.

Can you think of any more adjective for a woman?

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