Friday, March 26, 2010

sweet nothings

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe. But just for the sake of being at the tail of the bandwagon, once in a while I’d like to think of myself as one of those moms in our TV commercials that cook for their husband, do the laundry, mend torn clothes, do all the baby work stuff and massage hubby’s aching body at the end of the day..Whoah! mister hubby could have been the LUCKIEST in the world. But I’m not like that and we’re not like that, so he’s just lucky, not luckiest. We share the housework, thanks god, and it makes us both lucky ;D So I prepare food sometimes, when the budget allows for some experimenting and waste in the end. Such as when I tried doing a maja dessert which was really so simple by the instructions but for some darn reason I always ended up having another dessert which has no name.

So to avoid waste, I stopped trying on maja blanca . Maybe until I talk to my friend who originally taught me how to do it. And I tried doing other desserts. No-bake, inexpensive and hassle-free desserts.

Here’s one.
Graham Cake

Hubby loves mocha. So I put coffee in my version of the cake. And the result..


mango graham with coffee twist

Fruit cocktail graham cake

I sure made them without batting an eyelash. Like a pro! 

Another one is Buko Sherbet.
Young coconut meat and coconut water. Condensed milk. Freeze. 


It's always a hit. Better than ice cream. Honey thinks I’m a goddess ;-D Well, I am.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks, thanks love

My new header rocks! Largely because i did not get it from anywhere else. The hubby spent a while doing the thing. And, and, that's just not plain photo from photoshop, but it's a 3D image he labored for me. He's supportive, and I  sometimes think that's even an understatement.

He doesn't read much of my rants and raves. No, he's not into that. He'd rather watch NBA. But, he's as malleable when he knows I'm in this kind of dilemma, such as "Hon, i want this certain type of header, with this design and the color should be this, a little reflective.. etc.." All with dear effort.

Wonder, when I'll change my header again.. But this time, I'm happy because at least, even if i don't have a theme yet for this blog (when, when, when!), my header speaks a lot of me. Yey!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

[caption id="attachment_239" align="alignleft" width="213" caption="IWD"][/caption]

To  every woman who's

strong, independent, empowered, free, liberated, emancipated, high-spirited, strong-willed, committed, weak, abused, marginalized, defenseless, unprotected, vulnerable, young, old

gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, stunning, attractive, elegant, striking, good-looking, dazzling, lovely, emaciated, hostile, incapacitated, pregnant

fashionable, bitch, chic, stylish, smart, vogue, old- fashioned, conventional, conservative

traditionalist, conformist, political, atheist, agnostic, religious, radical, rebellious, adventurous, Grumpy, Impatient, stubborn, critical, judgmental, introverted, angry, restless, distracted, complicated, idealistic dissatisfied anxious nosy insecure doubtful dependent lazy rude awkward

naïve proud self-conscious pessimistic incompetent inflexible intolerant cowardly stupid bitchy vulgar lethargic hostile selfish unhappy cynical needy irrational childish passive unresponsive overdramatic predictable calculating indecisive anal fussy quixotic irritating feeble fickle-minded

nice sweet kind talkative determined passionate helpful understanding sympathetic smart friendly diplomatic sentimental organised dependable tolerant modest romantic reflective confident knowledgeable trustworthy polite cheerful observant logical sensible engaging cute aware dedicated
loving reciprocating meticulous naughty patient loyal encouraging simple compassionate forgiving admiring  cheeky grateful  faithful caring considerate.

To all women.

Can you think of any more adjective for a woman?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whine-free me

I cannot blog hop. Can't watch a movie. Can't even face the TV and just overhear the news from my study table. I am whining my heart out all right. But I am the very willing victim of these innocent voluminous books in front of me and not only that, the stacked up soft files I still have to print or read, or just read directly from the screen and hurt my eyes out.

Ahh, it is because this is me. Nerdy? Maybe. I just love studying, period. I can study all my life. Study equals learning, that's it. And I would want mister baby to have the same passion for learning as his mom and dad have.

But my back aches. And the on and off glancing at somersaulting stat of my blog and now, it's plummeting, almost crashing down, makes it more tempting to ditch these books. I will make my come back with reprisal. That is, make really good use of my time blogging. Oh, When! I can't even go to the real editor page and do the blogging there, or the Word and publish thing. I'm doing a QuickPress! Ack. Is this unfair or what?

Nonetheless, ..hmm, maybe i just need a little sleep. Just a little before the next milk stop of my lovely little boy. I'm always, always excited to sleep and cuddle close to him.

So then, there went the whining me. Now, I'm sleeping whine-free. Thanks bloggy!