Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love, love, love.

We don't celebrate valentines. Pathetic.

But love has it that early that morning a delivery boy knocked on our door. With unruly hair, fresh from bed, mister hubby obliged to take the "delivery." Darn, he knew who it was from. What element of surprise was I talking about to my friend when we dropped by that flower shop? I was smiling to myself and was blatantly teasing him, when he pressed that rich smooch on my lips. Well, happy valentines!

And then, the not-so-vocal me, posted my profession of love on facebook for all the world to see. Said my shout out:
..if indeed this is a day of love, this would be just another one. Everyday, all mornings and goodnights, I thank Him for you. And if i fail to see sometimes how good a pair we are, it could be because i'm blinded by the beauty that you always are to me. No one, not even the rains, can ever take your place. Happy Everyday dad."

I loved it. I knew he liked it too.

Says Kris Aquino "Love. Love. Love."

Happy Everyday!

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