Sunday, January 31, 2010

One step green

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I'd really do something solid this time to helping the environment. Why, I know it's such a big deal, but so a must for everyone. Just one little step and it can go a long way. Like, when I buy a book or a pen, or a pen refill, I already refuse to have them in plastic bag. If it can fit in your bag, just keep the receipt and I'm sure you'll do fine. It was harder for stuff in the groceries. And because we usually do our groceries at a particular supermarket and coincidentally they have one way to help persons in the same dilemma as mine. They sell green bags at a reasonable price, plus additional points to their privilege card every time a customer uses the bag when shopping. Not so bad right? Although I am not so interested with the additional points for the privilege card because said card is not so "privileged." But I should thank my classmate-friend Emz who swipes Php10,000/day to my card. Without this special advantage, I would have gotten rid of the card a long time ago.

BUT the bag is great. And I hope all other supermarkets would do the same. Resorting to recyclable materials like cloth and recycled papers are good ideas. They could probably impose an additional price for plastic bags and give incentives for not using one. There can be many ways. Once one starts it, and start it seriously, I'm sure others would follow.

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